Happy’s ‘Worst Guitar Solos of All Time’ YouTube video has hit 250k YouTube views!

To help release some much-needed endorphins, we at Happy Mag would like to remind you of our YouTube video The Worst Guitar Solos of All Time. Turns out that nearly 300,000 of you legends have jumped on the serotonin train with us to enjoy the worst shreds of our generation.

We all need a reason to laugh in these trying times. Victoria is in its second phase of lockdown, overseas travel seems like a distant memory, and of course, we all miss live music. What better way to lift our spirits than with this classic?

Photo: Getty Images

Our YouTube video The Worst Guitar Solos of All Time has nearly made it to 300,000 views! What better time to dive into some horrible chord choices and have a good old laugh than now?

We all miss watching our favourite band members lay down an absolutely explosive guitar solo as we bang our heads along, with the more daring of us shredding along on our very own air guitar.

It takes a lot to pull off a great solo number, but a bad one – not so hard. Yet, to be considered one of the worst? Now that’s an art form in itself.

Our YouTube video shows off some abominations, from those who clearly aren’t trying, to those who just don’t know how to try.

The video features the likes of Lil’ Wayne, a rapper who shouldn’t forget that he’s a rapper; Slash, who is a renowned guitarist seemingly forgetting that he’s a guitarist; as well as Fred Durst, who looks scared of his own instrument.

It just goes to show even the best can have an off day. Check out the video below: