Squid the Kid unleashes a groovy reminder for us to take a break on ‘Lazy’

Our world is one that never sleeps. As soon as we enter into it, we are thrust amidst the fast-paced energy that we are expected to contribute to. Our lives are ongoing and we are discouraged from looking back or taking time to rest. On his latest single, Squid the Kid rebels against these ideals and freezes the momentum for a while.

Lazy pushes against the images its very name conjures, giving us permission to rest and replenish through silky beats and a groove-laden flow.

On his latest single, Squid the Kid turns against the condition of society that burns so many of us out. Lazy embraces listeners in bass-driven hooks, providing a judgement-free haven for us to do literally nothing.

While the track was penned in 2018, the artist’s words feel just as poignant as ever. During lockdown, we were all forced to stop, compress, and adapt – the complete juxtaposition of our daily lives. Some of us may have happily embraced this halt, others may have taken a while to accept the lack of momentum. That what Lazy is at its core, accepting the need to rest.

“I take pride in working really hard, especially when it comes to your dreams and aspirations,” the Melbourne local explains. “But all hard workers just need a few days to relax and reset sometimes, it’s never good to burn yourself out. I feel now is the perfect time to release ‘Lazy’ in a sense that it has a different purpose and meaning.”


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ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT!! Just want to use this time to give a huge shoutout to some real hard working people! Produced by: @the_dna__ Co-produced/🎸: @kainejohnston Mix/Mastered/🎹by: @cajili Shoutout to the Daniel and Kaine, I know we always together and working on stuff, but I’m always going to be grateful that I get to work with these talented individuals on a daily, they some real killers! Mad shoutout to @cajili for taking what me and the guys had and taking it to new heights, blessed to finally be able to work with him, appreciate jumping on the project! Shiiiii, I have to shoutout the Kozy Kids too, they all took the time out to help me with this joint, so mad love for them (you’ll get what I mean when you hear the track hehehhe) But nah for real, I know we’ve been a bit quiet since ‘Wintertime’ but I guess this journey was never going to be easy, but glad to be back and present you all with something! 2020’s been a rough one for us all, facing some real uncertain times, hope everyone is staying safe throughout it all! Mad keen for the release tommorow, appreciate the continuous love and support ❤️ Love, Squidward and the Kozy Kids

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There’s an unshakable honesty that comes from the song. Whether it’s the artist’s comforting cadence, the group cheers in the song’s chorus, or the mellow bass line, Lazy is a song that completely embraces and reminds you to not take everything so seriously. After all, it’s not always good for you.

“Normally we as people are always working and running around,” the artist explains. “But because of the lockdown it has forced all of us to stay put at home, which for some maybe nice and relaxing, but for others it broke a sense of rhythm and flow to their daily lives. For me personally, it’s the first time in ages that I’ve been forced to stay home, and not going to lie, I found myself sleeping in, eating crazy amounts of food, playing too many games, which then leads to constant fatigue.”

Squid the Kid has spoken to a part of our lives that we rarely address, yet all experience. Spinning exhaustion into sultry beats, Lazy serves as an oasis, reflection, and addictive tune all in one.

Give the track a listen below: