Perth producer Lyphe releases emblematic dancefloor filler ‘Pollux’

Now, more than ever, people are itching for a night on the town to hit up the dancefloor. As we patiently wait for COVID-19 restrictions to ease further, Perth-based songwriter and producer Lyphe has delivered a tasty indie-pop morsel that every club junkie will love to sink their teeth into. 

Lyphe has released Pollux, an eclectic pop hit drenched in indie grit that’s sure to get you in the mood to move. 


The way that Pollux dances on the boundary lines of pop and indie sets the new single by Lyphe apart from the rest.

Not only does the track ooze with sharp and bop-worthy bass and irrepressible, moody synths, but Pollux invites listeners into new and distinct territories of thought. Through his lyrics the artist offers a fresh perspective on the concept of one night stands, turning the overheard idea of the old ‘root and boot’ into a far more profound and empathetic experience.

Reflecting on the lyrics, Lyphe stated: 

“I wrote the song about being on the other side of a one night stand. Having previously been the person who cuts off contact after spending the night with someone I wrote this from the point of view of the person who gets cut off.”

The vivid relatability of the track is much-welcomed within the genre of pop, which often glorifies ideas of a world that’s far beyond what we feel or experience. This is a far more down-to-earth approach to pop lyricism, which is unusual and refreshing all at once, signifying that Lyphe is set to become a mainstay in Australia’s indie-pop scene, with the potential to grow a loyal audience around the world. 

After hearing this banger, we’re itching more than ever to get back out on the dancefloor.