Pete Davidson is going to space in Bezos’ dick rocket

So apparently Pete Davidson is heading to space next week, and he’ll be taking the journey in Jeff Bezos’ infamous ‘Blue Origin’ rocket.

Pete Davidson must be fed up with earth, because he’s taking a trip in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ penis shaped rocket next week.

But as it turns out, he isn’t trying to escape the online abuse from Kanye West, he’s just heading up to space for a quick, 13-minute joyride with five paying customers.

Blue Origin rocket
Credit: Blue Origin

Davidson has been the target of many hate-fuelled tirades from Kanye in recent weeks, who has even begun releasing a collection of gruesome music videos in which the comedian is violently murdered.

Yesterday, text messages were leaked to reveal Davidson’s private conversations with Kanye West, in which the SNL star begged the rapper to leave Kim Kardashian and her family alone.

But Davidson is putting that aside for the minute to experience space travel, a journey which will require multiple days of training at the Blue Origin facilities in Texas.

The flight will only take the passengers 100km above the earth, but at least they’ll still be able to tick “become an astronaut” off their bucket list.

So now Saturday Night Live are in the prestigious soothsaying company of The Simpsons, because they predicted that Pete Davidson would try his hand at space travel during a skit in the Elon Musk-hosted episode in 2021.