Piers Morgan forced to deny claims he is the pigeon lady in ‘Home Alone 2’

British television host Piers Morgan has been forced to deny that he is in fact the pigeon lady in ‘Home Alone 2’, but we’re not having a bar of it.

You have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny when it comes to the comparison between popular British TV host Piers Morgan and the pigeon lady in Christmas movie favourite, Home Alone 2

Well, on Tuesday morning, Susanna Reid, Morgan’s breakfast co-host on Good Morning Britain, finally raised the topic of the uncanny resemblance, saying: “Can we just have a look at Home Alone 2 because, frankly, it is the best picture. Because lots of people watch Home Alone 2 and wonder if this is you.”

Piers Morgan
Photo: Rex

The insane similarity was first pointed out by Morgan’s son Spencer, who highlighted the likeness in a tweet in late 2018 whilst watching the Christmas classic.

Although the actress who plays the pigeon lady – Brenda Flicker – finds the resemblance hilarious, Morgan had to defend himself and shut down any attempt at comparison.

“Why does this keep coming around? That is not me. I am not the bag lady in Home Alone 2,” Morgan replied when showed the comparison.

However, Reid had one final trick up her sleeve in the form of a 2018 shot of Morgan covered in pigeons whilst on the breakfast show.

Morgan’s denial really isn’t sticking, as that resemblance is truly uncanny. He might just have to make use of some of his carrier pigeons to get the point across to all the doubters.