Pillow Queens open a warm space to reflect with 'Leave the Light On'

Pillow Queens open a warm space to reflect with ‘Leave The Light On’

While most artists become less intimate as their success builds, Pillow Queens have done just the opposite, opening up the vault on their second album Leave The Light On.

It’s been two years since Pillow Queens dropped their debut record In Waiting, and according to its follow up, Leave The Light On, the Dublin four-piece have spent a bit of time looking within.

The group have used an Irish phrase “Uaigneas an chaldaight” to describe the album, which, in English, translates to “the sense of loneliness experienced on the shore”.

Pillow Queens band
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Riding the tail of the success that came with the four-piece’s first album, Pillow Queens have been playing their biggest shows to date, and earning them a performance slot on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Despite the growing fanbase, the group have trusted their instincts, writing what is essentially an intimate letter of personal experiences.

You can certainly hear the influence of the group’s native country in the galloping opener, Be By Your Side. The same can be said about the rest of the record too, particularly in front woman Maggie Nelson’s vocals.

House That Sailed Away is a cruisey listen that carries a familiar comfort for fans of songwriters the likes of Angie McMahon. It delivers the calm before the ever building storm that is Delivered.

The delicious guitar licks that drive Historian are another album highlight, it doesn’t matter how many times you listen, they’ll always get you feeling some type of way.

Try Try Try is already revered as a fan-favourite of the record, offering relatable lyrics and an unforgettable chorus that sits among brilliant instrumentation.

Get a taste for Leave The Light On below.