Viral sex robot clip reignites public interest in “sextech”

An old video of a sex robot with a Scottish accent has gone viral again, causing new waves of interest in “sextech.”

Back in 2017, a video of a ‘realistic sex robot’ with a discernably Scottish accent went viral. And now, she’s back.

“Good you came back so fast baby…ten minutes without you seems like an eternity,” says the sexbot in a thick Glasgow accent.

sex robot
Credit: @joshbechill5 Twitter

Meet ‘Harmony 2.1’ – the blonde bombshell from Glasgow. Created by Realbotix, the company’s CEO, Matt McMullen explains its functions during the viral 30-second clip.

“Through that system, you can connect the AI that you’ve created in the app to the robot, and carry on the conversation that way,” explains Matt.

Realbotix sex robot
Credit: @joshbechill5 Twitter

Now, the iconic video has reached virality once again, thanks to a Twitter upload by some dude called Josh.

The re-uploaded video, which has now amassed 9 million views, generated a flurry of comments, with many Glasgow locals expressing bewilderment over the accent choice.


“Sounds like she goes to Glasgow Uni,” wrote one person.

Another person declared the sexbot sounds like the automated voice that makes announcements at Glasgow Central station: “Why’d they give her that accent. The next train at platform 1 will be – the – 12.15 – to – Glasgow Central.”

sex toy robot
Credit: @joshbechill5 Twitter

When initially uploaded online in 2017, Realbotix titled the video, “the first sex robots are about to hit the market.” Since then, ‘Harmony 2.1’ has been given some upgrades.

Apparently, the 2022 Harmony Doll has “20 different personality traits” programmed in, such as kindness, humour, shyness, insecurity, happiness and jealousy. To top it all off, she’s also been programmed with the ability to learn more about the user’s “families, hobbies and, of course, sexual preferences.”

Credit: Realbotix

The video’s resurfacing has reportedly generated an increased interest in the rapidly developing AI sex industry, which was estimated to be worth a whopping $30 billion in 2019.

And if you thought Harmony was exciting, get ready for ‘Henry’… Realbotix have announced the roll-out of their first male sex doll, which will be happening later this year. According to the rumour mill, this one’s going to have a British accent instead.