Pipin shares 5 inspirations behind her new single, ‘Maybe It’s Me’

From Kate Bush to the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, join Pipin as she runs through five things that inspired her new song and video clip, Maybe It’s Me.

Pipin’s new song Maybe It’s Me is one you can get completely lost in. With themes of contradiction at its heart, the single and music video both invite the listener to make their own truths out of Pipin’s words and actions. What is she trying to say? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Nevertheless, we wanted to know more. So we asked Pipin herself to share five pieces of inspiration behind the new track and it’s fantastic video clip. Take it away, Pipin.

Pipin Maybe It's Me 2
Photo provided

Kate Bush – Babooshka

In this music video Kate Bush perfectly walks the line between captivating and unhinged. Her static movement and piercing stare out to the audience completely enthral you into the world she created. I was really inspired by the use of shadow and light in this clip.

I love the dramatic delivery of her vocal and counter melodies on the synthesizer in the chorus. Kate also uses a glass smash sound, which we implemented in Maybe It’s Me.

spill tab – calvaire 

The production in this track is insane. spill tab is creating such a clean pop sound influenced by French pop and electronic chill music. We were really inspired by the electronic drum samples in this track and the way that they interweave with the bass line.

Hugh Middleton (producer and guitarist) built up the rhythmic bed of Maybe It’s Me using lots of different percussive sounds like claps and clicks. I think this creates such an interesting texture to the track and really allows us two different versions, as when we play it live there’s a real drum kit.

Sycco – Time’s Up

Unsurprisingly, a Brisbane artist makes the list! Sycco is such an incredible powerhouse and I love this track because of the way the verses move to the chorus and how it just builds and builds throughout the song till the end.

Although Maybe It’s Me has really distinct sections (verse, chorus, bridge), we really tried to build up dynamically till the last chorus where it opens out with all those extra vocal harmonies and percussion noises.

I loved the lighting in the music video and we definitely channeled some of Sasha’s manic energy towards the end of the clip.

LAUREL – Scream Drive Faster

LAUREL has really honed in such a unique sound with her more recent releases and Scream Drive Faster pulses along so perfectly. I love how LAUREL appears as the protagonist in her music videos unaffected by the chaos of different backdrops behind her.

She uses her arms to create a lot of shapes and movements, which is definitely something I do in the music video for Maybe It’s Me.

Pop Art (made famous by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein)

My final inspiration and influence is the type of visual art known as pop art. This greatly inspired the makeup looks in the video. I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing hair and makeup artist, Nina Magnani, who used makeup to extenuate my facial features and paint patterns on my skin.

The main look with the teardrops on my face and lines highlighting my eyebrows and cheekbones comes from comic book-style pop art, giving the impression of two contradicting emotions at the same time. We had a really fun time in the final scene where Thomas Calder (filmmaker, Daggy Man) had me wipe the makeup all over my face.

Because we’d used such thick layers of eyeliner to create the eyebrows, we needed to use coconut oil to get it off. My arm movements might look a bit funny during this scene because I’m trying not to get coconut oil all over my clothes.

Maybe It’s Me is out now on all streaming services.