Planet Minecraft: your ultimate guide to the world’s largest ‘Minecraft’ fansite

Planet Minecraft is a place where you can show off your builds and view other players’ hard work. Create, share, and download alongside other fans of the world’s best selling game.

It’s time to visit Planet Minecraft, a fansite dedicated to the creative works of Minecraft fans around the world.

Created in 2010, the website was created by fans of the popular block game to bring together the amazing creative works found within the world of Minecraft. They aim to support the creative community by giving them a place to display their work, view others players’ creations, and discuss their shared love of the game.

Minecraft Mountain Goats Screenshot

Create Maps, Skins, Mobs, Texture Packs, Data Packs, Mods, and more: Planet Minecraft is the currently the largest fansite dedicated to the massively popular sandbox.

With almost three million total members and over two million Minecraft submissions as of the time this article is being written, it’s fair to say the site is huge. You can view other member’s works, leave feedback and support, and even download the creative works to add to your own games. Members don’t have to post their own work to stay on the site, and there are also discussion forums and events that anyone is free to participate in. 

Minecraft fans can leave feedback on the creative works of other members and even gift diamonds and emeralds to show their appreciation. You can favourite, collect, and comment on works within the community to either show your appreciation, or save a juicy creation for later.

Planet Minecraft also includes a ‘Follow’ function, so you can stay up to date with your favourite creator’s works. Why not go a step further and amass a following of your own with your creations! Each member’s home feed is personalised, with the latest works of every creator you follow being the first thing you see.

Members can also customise their own profile page, using widgets to make your page your own. You can create collections to organise and track your submissions, but you also have the option of keeping them private if you aren’t too hot on sharing your creations with the world. The discussion forums allow members to take part in conversations of their choosing, or even start up your own discussion on anything and everything Minecraft.

Alongside the forums and your own creations, members can participate in friendly contests, both competitive and non-competitive. Keep up to date with the event feed to see what suits you.

Join Planet Minecraft here to share your appreciation of the beloved block game across the world!