Plum Green explores an Irish-folk classic in this surreal new clip

Plum Green is an exceptional story-teller and weaver of harmony, encapsulating audiences in a web of folk and dream pop.

In her new clip Plum Green sings an Irish folk song, She Moved Through The Fair while multi-award winning pole dancer, Kitty Jane, floats effortlessly through a surreal dreamscape.

Plum Green

Plum Green deftly explores ambient, modern rock with folklore and expansive literature. Green is a true artist with true talent.

Born in a squat in Brixton, growing up in New Zealand and presently residing in Melbourne, Plum Green combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock. Combining dark lyrical prose with vast soundscapes, Green’s music is luscious, dark and deeply literate.

With two widely acclaimed albums under her belt, Plum Green is marking out new ground in her forthcoming EP Lions in Darkness. Recorded across New Zealand and Melbourne, the first taste in an expansive ambient slice of surreal Irish folk.

While the exact origins of the lyrics are largely unknown the mixolydian melody feels instantly familiar and quickly entrances the mind. The desire to record and re-imagine a famous folk song from the 18th Century scratches the surface of Plum Greens’ deep literary tastes, that of which previous albums have fleshed out.

While Green’s spacey, dreamlike vocals quickly whisk you away, the accompanying clip is equally as entrancing. Featuring multi award winning, pole dance champion, Kitty Jane, flowing velvets and a lush space that matches the surreal music perfectly.

Shot entirely in slo-mo, Jane possesses a rare grace to her movements as she spins around the gold pole in a cloud-like room. The pale glow add to the eerie reminiscence of memory and Green’s vocals feel pained and in search of succour.

Thus, Green is now well and truly comfortable in her sound, forging a tactile and, I dare say, powerful sense of connection that is well and truly her own.

Catch Plum Green launching Lions in Darknessat The Curtin on Sep 8. Event info here.