Pokemon Presents make four big reveals. Here’s what you need to know

Pokemon Presents has gifted fans a breath of fresh air with four exciting new reveals. Their latest announcement has everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet, Violet, Unite and Go. 

The latest Pokemon Presents highlighted a lot of new information about the entire Pokemon franchise, including new upcoming Pokemon titles Scarlet and Violet, and the enduring Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Go

We were teased with a brief appearance from Pokemon Cafe Mix, where it was established that, yes, Mewtwo has found his calling, and appears to be obsessed with tapas, delighting fans with a passion for ordering small plates. Without further ado, here is a breakdown of all the major reveals during the latest Pokemon Presents.

Pokemon Presents Mewtoo likes small paltes
Credit: Quora

#1 – Pokemon Go: Ultra Beast Pokemon are coming soon

One of the first major announcements of Pokemon Presents. Fans can now anticipate the Ultra Beast Pokemon, which made its first appearance in the Moon/Sun series. This will be arriving in Pokemon Go in late August, during the Go Fest Finale event. Nihilego, Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree will be among the first beasts to arrive.

#2 – Pokemon Unite

Brand new Pokemon are coming to Unite in the future, including Ultra Beast, and an additional three new Pokemon that are slated for release in September. Pokemon Presents also revealed a new quick battle type known as Pika Party. What is a Pika Party? Pretty much all characters are Pikachu, including friends and foes. In addition, the mobile title, Pokemon Masters EX will be getting a trainer lodge in its third-anniversary update.

#3 – Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

The biggest announcement, however, had to be the upcoming adventures, Scarlet and Violet. This major reveal includes: The new land of Scarlet and Violet was named Paldea. Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon were revealed as rideable. And able to travel over land, sea, and sky, with their bodies turning into motorbikes when they’re on land.  New Pokemon reveals are Fidough; a bread Pokemon that looks like a dog; Cetitan, a towering, spiky beast, and Wooper (Paldean Form), a regional variant that looks set to be a mud type.

Terastallization, a process that allows Pokemon to shine like gems and increase overall Pokemon power, will change some Pokemon types. New characters were also revealed, including Grusha, the ice-type gym leader; Mr Clavell, the director of the academy; Mr Jacq, homeroom teacher; Arven, an upperclassman and cook, and Penny, a new shy classmate.

The game’s structure will revolve around completing eight gym challenges, as per standard Pokemon games, but you’ll be able to travel and tackle gyms in whatever order you choose. There’s a predominant focus on open-world-style exploration and freedom within the game. Two ‘other’ stories will also be available that are secretly hiding in other story elements that exist outside of the normal gym battles.

#4 – Pokemon Cafe Remix

Mewtwo is joining Pokemon Cafe Remix, with a preference for “small taco style plates” and a need to be fed quickly. If he’s happy with your performance, he will join your crew behind the counter.

Watch the full presentation below.