PREMIERE: A.A.Triggs’ song will transcend you to a moonlit dreamscape

North Californian, A.A.Triggs, floats on a shimmering lake with his dreamy new track, The Florist and The Moon. 

Surf folk artist, A.A.Triggs delves into a kaleidoscopic dream lake with new single The Florist and The Moon. 

Beaming like a deep blue moon, A.A.Trigg bellows his deep voice, bouncing off the glistening water and transcending the listener into a hypnotic fantasy.


The Northern Californian, cultivates a Proverbial eden of daisies and wildflowers – slipping you into a trance with his dreamily distorted and achingly beautiful lullaby.

The Florist and the Moon is a dreamlike painting that was visioned by Triggs about loving someone who is unattainable; “from the perspective of the other person, no one listens to them… it seems pretty universal that people would relate to one side of the other, I’ve related to both” he alludes.

Triggs’ lyrics are saturated with harmonic, golden synths in a wonka-like fixture of violets and pale blues. All while his calming and abundantly grounding voice echoes in the breeze, similar to the tones of King Krule, with the longing of Tom Waits.

“Bring me a flower that loves the moon’s shower/one that opens up under me”

As Triggs’ voice blends with the flecks of bells and soothing pale tones, the mind cannot help but fall down a rabbit hole, pulled into the drowning wonderland of a Tim Burton film.


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It is with ease that the listener can feel the drops of passion trickle into the lullaby stream of the song. Coming from his humble beginnings as a street busker, the track is a relieving liberation to Triggs’ imaginative potential, pursuing music as a full time career after 20 years; “It felt scary, liberating and cathartic – it felt like a homecoming” he shares.

The Florist and The Moon is in essence, a lustful indie-folk track that will pull you into a distant longing for love, and a fantastically theatrical dream.

Melt into The Florist and The Moon with the track premiere below: