PREMIERE: Anti-Violet craft the kookiest trash TV show ever conceived for their new clip Fuzz Brain

Fuzz Brain, the latest clip from Melbourne band Anti-Violet, is a kitsch conglomeration of bad, bad TV and the underlay for some pretty raucous garage pop. We’ve come to expect a lot from our Victorian acts and Anti-Violet does not disappoint.

The clip takes us on a journey down memory lane, think The Price Is Right, LA cops shows, and tragic TV dating programs. These guys take acting to a whole new realm; it’s so bad it’s good. The whole production was brought to life by Jeremy Teh and features some pretty wacky satire.

Bursting with colour and energy, the clip is perfectly matched to the brash and building sound that Anti-Violet are harvesting.

anti violet fuzz brain video premiere happy mag

If Fuzz Brain does nothing else, it will make you want to get in on whatever hyped vibe Anti-Violet are juicing.

Matching the static of the clip’s filter, Fuzz Brain gets in your optical and shakes everything up. Featuring band members Ashlin, Lewellyn and Hayley, the video is as fresh and DYI as their band’s aesthetic, channeling the down to earth and self-deprecating attitude that makes new bands in their space so attractive.

They’ve described their own clip as over-stimulating, and no other word sums up the experience better. Being rained upon by the most naff visuals and shittiest corners of commercial television, the irony is clear.

While the clip might hold a plethora of the things we hate most in entertainment, Anti-Violet are fast becoming a thing we love. Nothing better than a band who can create something this fun and engaging, whilst not taking themselves too seriously. 10/10.


Anti-Violet are hitting a couple of stages around Melbourne this month. Don’t miss out, catch the details below:

Monday June 19 – The Evelyn, Fitzroy – Event
Thursday July 6 – The Tote, Collingwood – Event