PREMIERE: Descend into utter madness watching Sealamb’s wacky new video Kind

Fremantle based five-piece Sealamb have just shared their impromptu, manic new video for Kind.

Book-ended by two minutes of woozy insanity, the featured song is an incredibly scuzzy, DIY track loaded to the brim with catchy, jangly pop hooks.

This is generally the part of the article where I briefly explain what happens in the video. Though truthfully, I have absolutely no fucking clue what to say.

Watching Sealamb’s latest video Kind feels like a sprawling, twisted dream. And we don’t wanna wake up from it.

The video was made in the band’s old jam shed about a year ago, when one of the neighbours showed up with her three friends and a box full of costumes. “It was decided a clip had to be made, then and there,” says band member Callum.

Callum then got editing, and what emerged is over five minutes of distorted craziness, full of eerie floating lamb heads that will continue to make appearances in your dreams for weeks to come.

Despite all the madness, the video is a damn good time, and features a spirited, DIY, fuzzed out track that you’ll immediately get addicted to.

If you’re feeling prepared, dive into Sealamb’s twisted video above and reap the rewards.