PREMIERE: Hot Sludge Fundae deliver moody rock perfection in their new single Sunshine

Out of Melbourne, Hot Sludge Fundae have dropped a big, energetic number with their latest single Sunshine.

With a jangling surf rock undertone, this track is light, breezy and full of fun. The opening bars might lead you to believe that we are headed in the direction of a punk infused coastal grunge sound like Dune Rats or Skegss, however as soon as those vocals set in you’ll be set straight pretty quick.

Hot Sludge Fundae

With a lighter instrumental flare but a contemplative vocal intent, Hot Sludge Fundae are taking fun tunes seriously and capitalising on their intriguing music ability.

A smooth, sensual, and deep tone swathes Sunshine in a dark mystery. Recalling the dry and enticing flavour of artists like Morrissey or even Bowie at a certain time, Sunshine is a real marriage of oddities, but somehow the track just works.

Buried in this though is a definite Australian thread. With a broad lyrical articulation and undeniable confidence, Sunshine is a song which clearly has roots in the music by the likes of Aussie classics Midnight Oil.

While this track’s title might allude to a different sound, Sunshine is deeply embedded in gritty and well articulated rock ‘n’ roll. There’s punk attitude, but with a softer and achingly emotional undertone which makes it all the more intriguing.

If you like what you’re hearing and are in Melbourne tomorrow, then head on over to their official launch. Kicking off at The Howler in Brunswick, the band will be playing alongside Zombitches, Horatio Luna and MDMAMY.

It should it a banger of an evening with a really diverse lineup at one of the best venues in the city. Grab all the details on the Facebook event.