PREMIERE: Milk Teddy introduce the kookiest spies in all of Melbourne with their new clip Sweet Bells Jangled

Melbourne has some pretty eccentric characters and local group Milk Teddy have gone one step further than their city asked to ensure that kooky fire is kept alive.

Told through the lens of an oddball group of detectives on a mission, Sweet Bells Jangled is airy and bright, with enough urban grit to keep the song moving.

The clip is frankly hilarious and anyone not sure as to whether Milk Teddy are people they would get around, this video sold them to me not only as creative minds but as stone cold legends.

The Milk Teddy characters are cast as misfits, squabbling around the city in search of clues and meaning in the most unlikely and confusing places.

While the video doesn’t necessarily lend to the overall narrative of the song, its light hearted and self deprecating tone pumps the track with energy, flair and attitude.

While it’s evident that the band is packed full of musical talent, there is a faint smirk behind the noise which is hard to ignore.

Filmed by Giles Fielke (of Lowtide) and edited by Lehmann B Smith, Milk Teddy didn’t have to look far out of the Melbourne creative circle to pull together a team for the project.  With an intentional lo-fi quality and throw back cuts and divides in the final edit, Sweet Bells Jangled is satirical and sweet all at the same time. We can only imagine how many laughs were had on the set of this production.

They’ve got an LP coming out in August, Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy, one which you should be pretty eager to get your hands on.