Jay Wol Johnson and The Humble Bees are as real as they come in diverse new single Found A Woman

“I need to know, I need to know” are the eight magical words you’ll hear before explosive piano, drums and guitar licks shoot into your ear like a comet of musical madness. Introducing Jay Wol Johnson and The Humble Bees.

Covering everything from lo-fi to funk and jazz in Found a Woman, these four masters of rhythm have found a way to break away from any niche conformity, and create something that (put bluntly) just sounds different.

jay wol johnson and the humble bees found a woman happy mag

From furtive to lovely, angry to soulful, the Jay Wol Johnson and The Humblebees sound is open to interpretation, and that’s what makes them so damn different.

This four piece hail from a city known for producing an array of successful acts such as Tame Impala, Pond and Koi Child, which we know and love as Fremantle. The group got together in an old, musty garage where they combined their drinking and jamming hobbies. Eventually, Jay Wol Johnson and The Humble Bees were born.

Made up of Tom (piano), Sarah (bass), Blake (Drums) and Jay (Vocals), this funk family thrive off delivering a flowing sound with a dynamic experience.

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Venturing to a musical territory that very few have ventured to before, Jay Wol Johnson and The Humble Bees have a sound that is hard to slide into one particular category. Found a Woman, although complex, is rich with soul and and symphonic piano playing which immediately asserts itself.

Tie in that tinkling lead with some groovy bass slapping and tight drums and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a hard-hitting, yet catchy tune.

Found a Woman is about exactly what its title suggests, and the happiness which accompanies this new discovery has resulted in a funky, upbeat track. Amongst the whirlwind of yelling, outrageous piano solos and trashy guitar, Found a Woman is a fun track you’ll just want to get down to.

You can catch them along with Sealamb, Black River Ransom and Oh Mare at Four5Nine bar on July 21. Tickets are on sale here.