Looks like PM Justin Trudeau has been slamming Hans Zimmer and Peter Gabriel all summer long

Justin Trudeau is connecting with the kids, everybody. He’s shared his very own PM Mix, a 39-track Spotify playlist featuring the very best in Canadian music as well as some personal favourites, from Hans Zimmer to Justin Bieber.

Not that he’s ever seemed to have much trouble getting his message across with young voters (I mean… look at that smile), but it’s a nice touch.

justin trudeau spotify playlist

PM Justin Trudeau has shared the PM Mix, a sterling collection of the summertime jams he’s he’s been blasting through Canadian parliament on repeat.

Drake and Bieber, the two current Canadian heavyweights, of course make it in. That being said, Trudeau doesn’t shy away from the oldies.

The Dire Straits classic Romeo And Juliet  wormed its way in, not to mention Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. and 29 Palms from Robert Plant.

Listen to the playlist for yourself below:

Via Consequence of Sound.