PREMIERE: Monday a little emotionless? Knock back a much-needed shot of pure soul with Zillanova

Joshua Tavares has been struck by the soul gods. Born and raised into a family of singers, with his uncles serving as the voices behind the widely revered seventies disco group Tavares, it’s no wonder Zillanova have soared to spirited heights with him as their front-man.

The Melbourne based group channel Donny Hathaway’s Everything Is Everything and the vocal work of Larry McCray in their latest single The Fader, with a stripped back video showing Tavares singing in a dark room to accompany the hauntingly vivacious vocal work.

The band are a tight knit group and it shows with funky keys, impassioned guitar play, praise-worthy backing vocals and sprightly drumming holding it all together – this is a single packed full of fire and feel.


Despite Zillanova’s disco roots, The Fader is a sensual soul exploration that builds into a deeply emotional, Gospel worthy affair.

With 1970s vibrations dripping from the track’s every pore, the video starts slowly and is welcomed in by warm and inviting vocals. As the song builds, as does Tavares’ movement in the clip, showing him dancing enthusiastically along with the song as it reaches its peak.

The Fader’s lyricism is centred on mortality and journeys through departed loved ones’ never-ending presence in our lives. The single marks the first release in a new phase for Zillanova, based around Tavares’ collaboration with Hope Street founder and producer Bob Knob, as well as an accomplished band of contributors featuring members of The Bombay Royale, The PutBacks, and Quarter Street.

It’s true that soul is this band’s business, and business sure is booming! Zillanova could likely be the future leaders of Australia’s soul music scene, and The Fader is guaranteed to lift and inspire a few spirits across the globe – a song worth a listen, a groove, and maybe even a little bit of worship.

Zillanova’s 7-inch vinyl and full album are available for pre-orders right now through HopeStreet Recordings. Follow this link to get your hands on either.

Remember their name and support the game, people!