PREMIERE: Monkey Marc drops his glorious, genre-defying new single ‘Willy Lynch’

In collaboration with Jamaican artist Fyah Roiall, award-winning producer Monkey Marc has just released his latest single Willy Lynch.

Traverse your way through Monkey Marc’s sonic creation which combines contemporary beatmaking, Jamaican rhythms, and outstanding lyrics in one tasty four-minute morsel. 

Willy Lynch reveals not only Monkey Marc’s phenomenal production ability, but Fyah Roiall’s sheer talent too. If one thing is certain, you need to wrap your ears around this track.

Last year saw Monkey Marc and Roiall tour Australia, which has clearly allowed the pair’s collaborative juices to flow. Willy Lynch was written and recorded between Australia and Jamaica as their first collaboration, showcasing their chemistry and no doubt the beginnings of an exciting partnership. 

Working out of his solar-powered recording studio in Melbourne, Monkey Marc thoughtfully combines an array of influences together, composing a sound which is set to astound. Hip hop, bass music, grime, reggae, dancehall, and dub are just some ingredients which have been carefully stirred together. 

Willy Lynch not only pulls you in with its irresistible rhythm, but is filled to the brim with powerful political lyrics, celebrating the Jamaican youth rising above the colonial legacy. Speaking about the new track, Monkey Marc said: 

“Willy Lynch is a tough hip hop-reggae crossover, with an addictive bassline reminiscent of classic UK hip hop. As soon as I heard Roiall’s music for the first time, I knew this track would be perfect for him. Roiall is a unique Jamaican artist with potent lyrics and a fresh new take on hip hop from a Jamaican perspective.”

Willy Lynch is just one taste from Monkey Marc’s upcoming album Vital Sounds which has been years in the making. What has been created here is not just for Aussie ears, but is sure to enthral a global audience.