PREMIERE: More powerful than openly sobbing, the new vid for Driveway from William van der Vliet achingly moves through unsaid subtleties

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William van der Vliet has created a dark, complex and unavoidably raw track and the video could not match it more viscerally. It’s a mellow, smoother than cotton seeped in fabric number but in the same aching breath, incredibly sad, this song is part grieving, part inexplicable human resilience. Driveway, is a light grunge infused ode to fanging it down the highway and blazin’ up all that should be blazed, wanting to avoid the shit that plagues, but going back to face it straight in the face.


Mellow, complex and achingly raw, William van den Vliet’s Driveway vid channels the inexplicable. It’s a subtle, perplexing and incredibly human visual offering.

The whole track seems to be a series of interweaving perplexities, decision , self-talk, mild existential crisis and then damn fine resolution, of sorts. Soaring in atop the carved out, echoing guitar hooks is a decent, human pathos. We’ve been crooned at from all corners that love is to be put on top, it’s crazy love, it’s like breathing, it’s like being winded, recovering, knowing it did hurt, but craving it back again. Who needs full lung capacity anyway? Vliet strikes it on the head with every jittery, ambient lazy drawl of chord, phrase and beat.

In Driveway we meet a chap who’s been having it a little rough. He’s had a few too many, he’s been down the confused main arterial highway, gotten onto a side road, gone for a solid, cold and bleak walk to sort out his head. And he’s gotten there. Between all the head spinning, air boxing, really, really craving a kebab and then getting back on the cerebral bandwagon, he’s made a decision. He’s wiped the mud, pain and disappointment from his jeans and soul and gone to deal with it in the face.

The man-folk chorus/ barber quartet vibes of Driveway in the background is a lush backdrop. They’re trustworthy and rich in silky, silky sound. The ambiance is in spades. Three part harmonies weave their way in the background, and then a rich falsetto delicately rides the arc of the mellow melody, just out of reach, toying with our ears. This all combined with a catchier than Ron Swanson’s sarcasm, lilting reverberating guitar melody, you’ll forget that you’ve been drooling on your excel spreadsheet thinking of the ‘it’s complicated’ relationship that you don’t want to let go.

Driveway is tipping the hat to making any decision when under the influence of some fermented nectar, utter confusion, incomparable pain and the shit that life can slow in your way. William van der Vliet is doing it for the indecisives and cravers of real music, channeling in this melodic-catchy-grunge brawl of a track, something that is so truthful and vulnerably human.