PREMIERE: You won’t want to mess with Sojii after you’ve heard their fiery debut album

Out of Grand Rapids Michigan comes the female fronted post punk/sludge rock group Sojii and their self-titled debut album. The seven track record features shredded guitars and apocalyptic drums, the fierce mix of aggressive vocals and unapologetic femininity making for a gripping and unique body of work.

Opening track Henderson is sharp and fast, introducing that howling and dark vocal tone perfectly. This is clearly not a record to mellow you out, it is a true shock to the system and not one to be taken lightly.


Coming in second, Pigpen is a fully charged aggression fest. Sojii is working on a common thread of hard hitting, in your face sonic experiences.

If you’re squeamish in any way Adagio is probably not up your alley. But if you’re in the mood for fierce, dark and violent lyricism then the repeated chorus “drink my blood” might just have you sold.

Schmuck enters with a much brighter undertones. The guitar is still as powerful as ever and those drums just don’t relent, but there’s much more to follow here, making it a highlight of the record.

The final three tracks run in much the same way. Dowry Death, Milkshop and Fromme all carry on their violent and intense lyrical conversation, Sojii’s musicianship remaining dark and twisted, filled with furious energy. It’s no wonder they have made such a big dent in the live scene over in The States.

Performing alongside the likes of Ape Not Kill Ape, A Deer A Horse and Mal Devisa, Sojii have spent a significant time on the road and upon plenty of stages. With a sound deeply reflective of the Brooklyn DIY scene, Sojii now call Grand Rapids Michigan home.

This is a cracker of a record and well worth a full listen. Next time anyone is over in the US, Sojii are a band you should keep tabs on.