PREMIERE: Sometime Sonny hated your house party, and he’s singing about it on Don’t Say Much

Sometime Sonny is the songwriting project of Dave Campbell, who you may know from the fantastic debut EP we premiered around July last year. Or, you may know him as the artist who had his debut single played on triple j not 24 hours after it was uploaded.

Wherever you first came across Sometime Sonny, you would have instantly known he’s the real deal. Today we preview his latest and quite possibly best yet, a tune called Don’t Say Much.

sometime sonny don't say much

A not-so-quiet anthem for the quieter humans amongst us, Don’t Say Much from Sometime Sonny is a flawless surf-rock jam.

Written in 20 minutes after coming home from a shitty house party, Don’t Say Much is about the social situations we wish we could get out of. The lyrics, as with all of Sometime Sonny’s previous work, are as razor sharp as they come. Exhibit A:

“I don’t suppose that we could get along, I don’t say much until I know you better.” 

Don’t Say Much rings with the same happy jangles you’ll find in The Ruminaters or Leroy Francis, yet hits with the wit of Courtney Barnett. It’s a ripper tune – not to mention all too relatable for anyone who’s ever met someone they don’t want to talk to (all of us).

Sometime Sonny has continued the golden streak with Don’t Say Much, and we’ve got our fingers crossed there’s more in the bank. Until then, catch him live on any of the dates below:

Sat 7 April – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane – with ILUKA
Thurs 12 April – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane – with Hey Baby!
Fri 27 April – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane – with Hein Cooper

More info on Facebook.