Racing make their stylish return with Brit rock inspired single ‘In Silver’

New Zealand four-piece Racing have stepped back into the hit-factory to churn out yet another anthemic thumper, In Silver.

Slip on a pair of bootcut jeans and zhuzh a bit of volume into your hair, because Aukland glam rockers Racing are back with their first release of the year, In Silver.

Released as a double-single with the funk-infused Aqua Boogie, the group’s latest track will be welcomed by fans of The Killers and New Jersey outfit Bleachers.

Racing In Silver
Credit: Press

Featuring former members of The Checks and Sherpa, Racing “take rock and roll and inject it with a chemical haze so potent the listener is left both pleased and punished,” as per their own description.

In Silver is guaranteed to soundtrack a party scene in an upcoming indie film, commandeering the dance floor with its flickering guitars and exultant vocals.

The self-produced stadium-dance thumper takes undeniable influence from noughties Brit rock, yet it stays true to the trademark New Zealand alt-rock sound, pioneered by the likes of Cut of Your Hands, The Bats, and The Phoenix Foundation.

Fittingly, Racing have shared stages with Oasis, REM, The Hives, AC/DC, and Muse among other household names, emerging as one of Aukland’s most exciting groups.

The four-piece are set to release a collection of singles over the coming weeks to tease their highly anticipated sophomore album. The exact date of release is yet to be announced, but if recent singles are anything to go by, fans can rest assured that it will outlive expectations.

Listen to In Silver below.