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Radio-Bright is the new interstellar Ring Mod and Lo-Fi delay pedal

Deep Space Devices have recently released a new ring modulation and delay pedal, the Radio-Bright. Inspired by the 1977 Wow! Signal recorded at Ohio State University this pedal was born from the extraterrestrial.

Deep Space Devices are the curators of sonically unique aesthetically striking pedals, including the awesome Golem drive. Radio-Bright is in keeping with their repertoire, with beautiful delays and a ring mod that dishes up that fuzzy zap.radio-bright

Phone home with the Radio-Bright from Deep Space Devices. This intergalactic boutique beast is serving up a lo-fi signal from another dimension.

The pedal has two footswitches, two toggle switches and six control knobs that let you control the ring modulation and delay halves of the pedal. The left footswitch acts as a normal on/off control while the right lets you oscillate the feedback delay for some swelling spacey goodness.

Towards the top are three standard delay controls – Delay Mix, Time and Feedback. The ring modulator section has control for Intensity, allowing you to dial it in to taste.  With the Frequency knob, you can set the frequencies in the 450Hz to 4.7kHz range. Rate adjusts the overall sample rate speed of the ring modulation.

The two toggle switches underneath are where this pedal really get interesting. The left switch, in Reg position, means the Delay Mix will become the main focus. In this mode, you can choose between an arp effect (up position) or subtle oscillator (down position) using the right-hand switch.

In Mod position, the ring-mod effect becomes fully present. While having the right toggle in the up position, the ring mod will act as a choppy tremolo. In down position (sine), the ring mod will act as a tremolo but in a more subtle way.

For more info on the Radio-Bright and Deep Space Devices visit their website.