Bliss out to an hour of in-studio goodness from Real Estate, beamed to you from NYC

American indie rock quintet Real Estate have always enjoyed a healthy reception in Australia. Their lo-fi, dreamy sound shares a similar space to our newfound shoegaze obsession, or the beachy, indie wave that swept our shores not too long ago.

But unfortunately, they don’t make it around to Australia that often. Festival appearances are usually the go, having appeared at this years’ Splendour in the Grass and way back on Laneway’s 2013 lineup.

If you were unlucky enough to miss them, here’s the next best thing; a slick performance from New York’s Villain studios, recorded for Pitchfork Live.

real estate band happy

Drift away with one hour of dreamy indie rock from New Jersey outfit Real Estate, beamed to your screen by Pitchfork Live.

Real Estate have been a favourite for a while, making our inaugural list of 5 Sophomore Releases That Didn’t Suck with their 2011 LP Days.

The performance is an entire 60 minute setlist, so there’s plenty in there for fans to melt over. And don’t worry, they play Darling.