Rén – Time

New York’s Renee Orshan, stage name Rén, is a newcomer to the music scene, shaking up the industry with her slick pop beats, funk undertones and clean electronic production. Sharing her talents with the world in her debut track Time, it’s clear we have a new summer jam to untangle our fairy lights to.


She may just be the new kid on the block, but Rén is turning heads big time with her slick, funk inspired pop.

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music where she made the Dean’s list in 2013, Rén has slowly been building her music industry experience through a range of internships and behind the scenes placements. Maintaining that performance is her first love she seems to have struck gold in her collaboration with producer Luca Beccellati (HANAH, Tei Shi, Yellerkin) on this, her first official track.

Immediately hooked by Rén’s sultry voice the polished electronic landscape created by Beccallati further invites the listener to invest in this cool-as-a-cucumber debut ditty. The funk inspired base lines provide gravity to this little pop number and compliment Ren’s vocal tone and the muted harmonies that feature throughout.

Also containing backing vocals and lead guitar stylings by brother Reuben and sister Eden, this family affair has a definite resemblance to cited inspirations No Doubt and MGMT. Its laid-back vibe and catchy guitar riffs also resemble elements of Daft Punk‘s easily recognisable electro pop sound, this time however instead of a helmeted duo you are faced with a quirky Billie Piper look alike.

Rén’s lyrics muse on the passing of time and the inability we have to predict the future or how our relationships will change as our lives progress – not an uncommon theme – however these soulful postulations and rhetorical questions do not come across as presumptive or clichéd. The persona of the chilled out Brooklynite that is communicated in this song is supported and further exemplified in the recently released accompanying video. Featuring Rén in numerous New York locations and enhanced with some psychedelic effects this young breakout singer is easily a welcome addition to our musical encyclopaedia.

Having only dropped this track last month and it being her first and only released tune you might think gaining exposure would be challenging, but her almost 300 SoundCloud followers say otherwise. If anything her fast growing fan base is a great indication of where this funky lady is headed, an obvious answer might be Funky Town, but a definitive answer is up.



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