Sick of batteries in the studio? ReVolt is an ingenious solution

Sure, batteries are handy – but are definitely great for the environment. ReVolt presents an alternative harnessing the humble USB connection.

Irish company MyVolts has developed the ultimate battery replacement system called ReVolt.

Using a dummy battery and bridge cable to connect to a USB port on your computer or power banks, you can power your Korg Volca range, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator series, or even your Nintendo Gameboy.


In the studio, batteries are a common item that is always rare to find and can hold up a session while you go for a walk to the nearest corner store to pay a premium price. The ReVolt is planning to put an end to this inconvenience.

ReVolt consists of the following elements — a dummy battery housing with a flat, ribbon cable, a DC connection (to sneak out of the battery cover) and then a cable to connect to USB power.

There are multiple housings to change the USB battery size, with current sizes being AAA, AA, C and D. There’s an adhesive backing on DC connection to attach to your device with the ability to daisy chain devices with the same power voltage.

Once you install these USB powered batteries you can leave them in with no worries of batteries leaking, or you can easily remove them to put batteries back in. Which we’re certain you won’t.

MyVolts has already been selling their forward-thinking invention — a DC connection to USB called The Ripcord power cable — which is how the USB batteries are powered. It’s worth noting that you can also power the devices using a DC wall plug, great for those devices which are battery only.

Check out more over at the Kickstarter campaign and the MyVolts website.