Tap into free Bass Guitar tones with Spitfire Audio LABS

Spitfire Audio LABS has added a bass guitar to the arsenal. There are four classic basses and seven controls all packed in this free plugin.

Spitfire Audio LABS: a series of free and easy to use software instruments has just released a bass guitar to their collection.

This life-like instrument has four classic electric basses and only seven simple controls, for ease of use and staying creative. Let’s look into the creation and its characteristics.

Spitfire Audio Bass Guitar

Spitfire Audio’s LABS is a long-established series, with 25-plus free instruments. Once registering an account with them and installing their audio app, the complete LABS instrument libraries will be available for download. There lives the brand new Bass Guitar instrument with a map of Lancashire featured in its artwork. A nod to The Beatles?

Once downloaded you have four presets to choose from, Warm Bass Amped, Warm Bass DI, Classic Bass Amped and Classic Bass DI. As with all Spitfire LABS instruments, the controls have two faders and a big macro knob in the middle for effects and controls.

Inside the LABS host, the left fader controls the amplitude, the middle fader (usually connected to your mod wheel on your MIDI controller) is for dynamics, and the big macro knob has five options: reverb, tightness, variation, attack and release.

Recorded and re-amped by Spitfire Audio’s Leo Wyatt with a vintage Ampeg at Hackney’s Premises Studios, these big warm and also punchy tones will not disappoint.

The LABS collection runs as VST2, VST3, AAX and AU and can run on all macOS — intel and M1 — and Windows in 64-bit DAWs.

Check out more about LABS Bass Guitar and download other FREE instruments here: Spitfire Audio.