Robert Downey Jr lets his kids shave his head for a new project

Robert Downey Jr shares a video of his two kids shaving him bald for an upcoming role in the new TV series, The Sympathizer.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Robert Downey Jr uploaded a video featuring his two children, Exton, 10, and Avri, 7. The endearing clip, which has amassed over 1.8 million likes to date, sees Exton and Avri shaving their dad’s head, in preparation for his forthcoming role in HBO’s new spy thriller programme, The Sympathizer.

The clip begins with Robert Downey Jr entering a room where his kids are seated and are busy carving pumpkins. The Iron Man actor proceeds to ask them if they’re aware of what his next project, The Sympathizer is all about. His son, Exton, replies: “You’re playing, like, five roles or something.”

Downey Jr
Credit: Instagram @robertdowneyjr

Downey Jr goes on to explain, “I don’t want to have to wear a bald cap, so will you guys shave my head?” His children oblige, and the fun begins. Exton and Avri proceed to shave their father’s head bald. Thereafter, feeling happy with the results, Downey Jr asks, “what do I owe ya?” His daughter responds, “I need help with a Halloween project.”

As it turns out, the “Halloween project” involves painting her father’s bald head to resemble a pumpkin. Watch the clip via Instagram below.


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