Kurt Cobain's flannel shirt and guitar are up for auction

Kurt Cobain’s flannel shirt and guitar are up for auction

Bid on Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, Kurt Cobain’s flannel shirt, Amy Winehouse’s Grammy outfit and a fair bit of Elvis’ bling in the Legends of Rock and Roll auction.

As perverse as it can seem, die-hard fans and collectors are getting set to bid on rock and roll’s rarest guitars and memorabilia. Think the best fries on the planet, fully loaded with all the goodness the deep fryer has to offer, top that with a diamond the size of your face and whatever else floats your boat, and that’s what we’ve got here.

Get ready to explore the crazy madness of Kurt Cobain’s flannel shirt, alongside his acoustic guitar, with the case and receipt, to Hendrix and Amy Winehouse, and many more rock and roller’s drum kits, as they go up for auction. 

blink 182 guitar
Credit: Guitar World

Two of the highlights include guitars from the greats – Jimi Hendrix’s Japanese Sunburst, a gift from his father that’s expected to go for more than $250K USD, after last selling for $216K USD in 202o. Given the guitar Cobain played in the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video sold for $4.5 million just recently, it’s anyone’s guess how much this acoustic number will go for! Check out a few of the big ticket items below:

Kurt Cobain Franciscan Guitar with original case – bidding to start at $50,000.00.

cobain guitar
Credit: GWS

Kurt Cobain’s Owned and Worn Paisley Flannel Shirt – bidding to start at $1,500.

Cobain auction
Credit: GWS

Elvis Presley’s 1975 Martin D-28 Guitar W/(3) LOAs – bidding to start at $75,000.00

elvis martin guitar
Credit: GWS

Janis Joplin’s Lindell Mandolin, given to Jimi Hendrix – bidding to start at $21,000.00

joplin hendrix auction
Credit: GWS

Jimi Hendrix Early 1960s Japanese Electric Guitar – bidding to start at $50,000.00

jimi hendrix japanese guitar
Credit: GWS

Blink-182, Tom Delonge’s electric guitar – bidding to start at $1,000.

auction blink 182
Credit: GWS

Elvis’s diamond ring that’s the very first item to feature his now-famous TCB (Taking Care of Business) emblem – bidding to start at $150,000.00

elvis ring
Credit: GWS

Amy Winehouse 2008 Grammy Awards outfit – bidding to start at $1,500.

amy winehouse dress auction
Credit: GWS

Check out the auction here.