Snoop Dogg and Gordon Ramsay plan to open a restaurant together

Snoop Dogg declared during an interview, “I have been speaking with my boy Gordon for a while about opening a restaurant together.”

If you thought Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart were an unexpected pairing, think again. According to statements made by the rapper during an interview for The Mirror, Snoop Dogg and Gordon Ramsay have been in talks about opening a restaurant for quite some time, and in Glasgow of all places. However, the COVID pandemic delayed the dream team from taking the leap earlier.

As reported in the Daily Record, Snoop stated, “I have been speaking with my boy Gordon for a while about opening a restaurant together – but the pandemic slowed things right down.” He also told The Mirror, “I met up with my boy Gordon and he has taught me a few things.”

Credit: Facebook @gordonramsay

Like us, you may be wondering, how on earth did these two connect in the first place? Well, Gordon Ramsay first met Snoop in 2017, on a Channel 4 cooking show based in the UK called The F Word, which features the legendary chef, Ramsay himself.

Just check out the iconic Facebook post below, made by Ramsay at the time, regarding Snoop’s appearance on the show, including a BTS snapshot of the rapper seated in front of a plate of food. He captioned the post, “Snoop Dogg is enjoying the food in the #TheFWord restaurant tonight!!” 

Ramsay actually continued his fangirling over Snoop via Twitter, posting the following: I didn’t expect @SnoopDogg to such a food critic in the #TheFWord restaurant on Wednesday! Catch my full chat here.”

In even more Snoop Dogg news, the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper and entrepreneur recently launched a new breakfast cereal, dubbed Snoop Loopz, in partnership with Master P. and Broadus Foods.


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However, the new venture doesn’t just stop at Snoop Loopz. He’s also adding more products, to be launched across his new line, Momma Snoop Breakfast Foods. As stated by yahoo!news, “The new line features instant grits, oatmeal, maple syrup, and pancake mix.” Check out this Instagram video of Snoop showcasing the range below.


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