Romanian man who used fake Robert De Niro ID caught with 1,300 ecstasy pills

Like something out of Pineapple Express, a Romanian man who was previously jailed for using an ID with a picture of Robert De Niro on it has now be caught in possession of 1,300 ecstasy pills.

According to Romania TV, the man has now been apprehended for a second time.

robert de niro ecstasy pills fake id

A Romanian man famous for using an ID with a picture of Robert De Niro to try and get a bank loan has now been caught a second time.

Back in 2011, Sorin Bulgaru used the fake ID in order to take out a bank loan. Unfortunately for him, he was caught. He was subsequently found guilty of forgery, serving nine years in prison. Hilariously, the fake ID cited De Niro’s address as a cemetery in Iasi, Romania, and gave his parents’ names as Madonna and Anthony.

After spending nine years in prison, Bulgaru was released on probation. However, after being released, police officers discovered more than 1,300 pills in his apartment on June 8 and it was revealed that they had been watching him for some time. The officers also allegedly found even more illicit substances – 15g of ecstasy pill fragments to be exact – during their search of the apartment. Now Bulgaru is being held in detention for a period of 30 days on suspicion of drug trafficking.

It’s not known whether acclaimed actor Robert De Niro is aware of this whole situation.