PREMIERE: Rya Park – ‘Generational’

Rya Park has dropped in with her debut EP, Generational, a stunning soundtrack of experiencing life in your 20s.

Riding the tail of her recent single Everything We Want, Rya Park has treated fans to her debut EP Generational, delivering a six track expression of her most intimate thoughts.

The Melbourne-based artist has already earned praise from some of the biggest wigs in Australian music, while turning heads in a live setting, performing at St. Kilda Festival, playing support shows for Jack River, and killing it at her first headline shows of the year.

Rya Park

Rya doesn’t shy away from important issues, opening up about her own mental health on some tracks, yet on others she captures the beauty of the all-consuming romance she shares with her partner, Nick.

Speaking on the themes of the EP, Rya explained, “When I started writing about my battles with mental health a small, but noticeable weight lifted. It finally felt like I was telling the real story about myself and not manufacturing one that I thought people would prefer or like better.

“I wanted to create a package of songs that truly encapsulates all facets of life and mental health in general,” she added. “That it’s not always bad and there are moments filled with joy, love and fun, that doesn’t change the disorder that I have, and it can flip the switch at any moment.”

Among the names that have lent their talents to the album are Alex Lahey and Gordi, with production heavyweights Edward Quinn (Sycco), Sam Phay (Tyne-James Organ), and Toby Dundas (The Temper Trap) working behind the scenes on the mix.

Rya is headlining a show at the LeadBeater in Richmond, Melbourne on the 10th of June, which you can grab tickets for here. In the meantime, have a listen to her debut EP, Generational, below.