SAIYON names her four most influential albums

Following on from the release of her debut R&B gem Getting High, SAIYON took a moment to run us through her four most influential albums. Often integral to the memories of our past and certainly as a singer-songwriter, SAIYON recounts in her own words her top four.

Melbourne darling SAIYON runs us through the four most influential albums to have helped soak her sound in soulful, rich flavours of dance, electronica and R&B.

NAO – For All We Know

I’m such a fan of NAO and her sound. This album had a huge impact on me, shifting my writing style towards an electronic R&B sound. NAO has such a unique voice and her range is incredible. Particular tracks that I love from For all we know are Blue Wine and Fool to Love. The writing/production in both of these songs is beautiful and her use of instrumental hooks throughout the whole album is really effective.

Kelela – Take Me Apart

Take Me Apart is my favourite Kelela album. The production is full of energy and has a dark and moody sound that cuts through and hits hard. Her voice is full of intention and emotion and her phrasing is direct and powerful, which is something that I’ve wanted to incorporate into my own music. My favourite track on this album is Frontline. This song really takes you on a journey and her voice is layered beautifully throughout the whole song.


I love Dance and R&B music. This album has so many great tracks with each one featuring it’s own infectious groove. I love the stylistic arc of this album, there are tracks that are really easy listening and laid back and then there are tracks that make you want to get up and dance. My favourites off the Album are BUS RIDE-Karriem Riggins, River Tiber and YOURE THE ONE-Syd.

H.E.R- H.E.R

This is such an amazing album. I think H.E.R has such a talent for writing honest lyrics that bring your own experiences to light. She is also one of my favourite singers, her range is incredible and she conveys so much emotion when she performs. Particular tracks that I love off of this album are Focus and Avenue. The album is really relaxed and easy to listen to but is also engaging, honest and full of energy.