Scared of Sharks tour their sharehouse on new single ‘Ode to Rose St.’

Scared of Sharks have ushered in the new year with their latest single Ode to Rose St. 

The track marksScared of Sharks’ first release since their Yuppie Land! single arrived in October, and delivers on all the alt-punk revelry we’ve come to expect from the Morgareeka band.

Opening with punchy percussive flairs, Ode to Rose St. is carried by the distinct feel of classic Australiana punk, as assisted by the sneering yet leisurely vocal delivery. 

Scared of Sharks single 'Ode to Rose St.'

All the staples of rock and roll are there, from garage-bound guitar licks to screechy dialling effects and thunderous bass lines. But for all its punkish attitude, Ode is also focused on a poppier sound.

The track brims with melodic moments in both instrumentation and vocals, and features the kind of catchy rhymes and riffs that make it destined to become an earworm. 

Music’s current pop-punk renaissance has never sounded quite this good. Scared of Sharks pair their sound — which somehow feels both noisy and mellow in equal measure — with clever songwriting, paying tribute to the places we that feel like home.

scared of sharks

There’s an intimate feel to the lyrics, as the band paint vivid portraits of the mates and characters who reside in their share house. 

Welcoming listeners into their abode, there’s mentions of a housemate who loses their keys and has “shit decor,” as well as those who “leave the dishes in the sink” and enjoy a sleep-in.

“House is always open,” the band sings warmly on the melodic chorus, “come around, no need to call ahead.”


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It’s the kind of personalised storytelling that makes you feel like you’re part of the band, and listeners might just feel compelled to follow up on Scared of Sharks’ invitation.

While Ode to Rose St. stands as a stellar single in its own right, the feat is doubly impressive given that it marks Scared of Sharks’ third-ever release.

It follows the release of Yuppie Land! — a searing takedown materialist culture —  in October, and the debut effort Beach Wog in 2021.


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Elsewhere, the band embarked on their Australian ‘We’ll call it a tour!’ jaunt last year, with shows in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. 

Arriving fresh within the new year, Ode to Rose St. kickstarts what feels like a breakout moment for Scared of Sharks. Catch them before their ascent with new their new single below.