Scented candles see increase in negative reviews due to people with COVID-19 not being able to smell

Scented candles have seen a rise in negative reviews over the last few months – and they may just be the unexpected victims of COVID-19.

Research has found that there is a correlation between negative reviews left for scented candles and the rise in COVID-19 victims.

Without realising, customers are commenting on the absence of candle scent, forgetting that lack of smell is a symptom of the virus. Whoops.

Covid candle scent covid-19

This correlation was recently uncovered by Harvard Researcher, Kat Petrova, whose curiosity developed after angry customers complained that Yankee Candles were selling scented candles with no smell.

What Petrova discovered was a pattern which showed a correlation between the bad sales of scented candles and the outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year. When comparing the reviews of scented versus unscented candles, it’s clear that the former has taken a significant hit (previously averaging approximately 4.3/5 stars from January 2017-2020) – whilst unscented has maintained a steady median.

This revelation appeared to spark some outrage in the candle community (who knew?), with customer reviews, particularly on Yankee Candle, being refuted with concerns about COVID-19. One comment made by Magaguy2020 simply stated: “you’ve got the rona, Karen”.

Petrova, who clearly has way too much time on her hands, takes the investigation one step further and looks into the growth of reviews mentioning ‘lack of scent’ and unveils that it has increased by approximately 6% this November.

So, in an increasingly hot investigation, the evidence appears to suggest that candle companies have been burnt by the outbreak of COVID-19, and thus crowned the title of the “unexpected victims” of the virus. I mean, that is the logical conclusion, right?