See if you could last a day as Beyonce’s assistant with this wild Twitter thread

Think you could handle the challenging task of being Beyonce‘s personal assistant? Now’s your chance to see if you really have what it takes.

A genius twitter user has taken the time to create a choose-your-own-adventure thread where you can attempt to be Queen Bey’s assistant for a day, with just one goal – don’t get fired.

Some genius on Twitter has created a choose-your-own-adventure thread where you get to play the part as Beyonce’s assistant for a day.

Twitter user Green Chyna created a twitter thread that lets you play the part of Beyonce’s assistant for a day. The day starts with you choosing what she eats for breakfast, then gradually gets more and more difficult as you make decisions from which child to FaceTime, to what she should do while she waits for hair and makeup, to strategically avoiding the paparazzi.

The story branches out fairly excessively, with the overarching goal simply being not to get fired – a task that becomes seemingly impossible as you progress through the thread. The whole thing is illustrated with gifs and the storyline is loosely based on Beyonce IRL.

It’s a good bit of fun but I doubt many have made it to the end without getting fired and going back a step.  Why not challenge yourself with this ingenious nod to our old childhood favourite Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Click on the tweet below to start making your way through the thread.