Somebody placed the theme song of The Office over footage of American politicians and it’s uncanny af

In what could be a very similar reality, someone has turned The Oval Office into the comedy sitcom The Office.

After Joe Sabia created The Office Stare Machine out of every dead-pan camera stare from the show, someone has launched an attack on President Trump and his cabinet armed with mockumentary tv show, The Office.


The Office theme song over real life footage of Trump in action is equally as funny as it is scary. The similarities are uncanny.

Let’s be honest, this whole ‘thing’ that is Donald Trump as POTUS has not been taken seriously by a lot of people.

The recently-inaugurated President has been compared to The Joker quite expressively not once, but twice by the super villain’s actual voice actor, Mark Hamill.

The Photoshop edits wiping across the internet are endless from the Queen’s face to Jabba the Hutt.

Even a licensed architect firm in Chicago had the amusing idea of creating four giant, pig-shaped balloons in front of the Trump tower to hide his name.

From Green Day to Moby to Roger Waters, a phenomenal amount of musicians have demonstrated their hostility towards him.

From comparing actual politicians such as Ted Cruz to characters like Kevin, this internet troll/genius proves there are some eerie resemblances.  The video, which imitates the opening credits of The Office with real life footage is all too real too.