Seth Sentry is on top of the hip-hop game with Strange New Past

Australians on Australia day love him, and so do triple J, but it’s on his latest record that that love is affirmed. Adored Melbourne bred hip-hop luminary, Seth Matron is back with his highly anticipated album, Strange New Past.

Seth Sentry LP

Seth Sentry is on top of Aussie hip-hop with his new album Strange New Past, continuing his fun personal musings without letting up on his smooth flow.

Seth has been quiet since 2012 and This Was Tomorrow. Strange New Past is said to entertain a new Seth that grapples with issues exploring his personal identity away from the microphone. Like always, this album creatively travels through Seth’s endless imagination and documents his insightful reflections over carefully thought out sound curation.

These themes are specifically annotated on single, Run. This song is strong and it’s obvious why he released this one early. He describes, “A story of a small town where I grew up – Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula”. This song has a backbeat that screams memories of the ocean breeze. But a lot of people (myself included) can heavily relate to the deeper meaning behind this tune. Seth describes Sorrento as “A lovely place to grow up, lovely place to retire, in between that – get the hell out, run! Anyone from a small town will be able to relate“. And just as well he did, so he could share his small town escapee scenarios with the rest of Australia.

The album in its entirety is more intricate and specialised, production wise and his flow is a lot more synchronised with his philosophical and wilfully wondering lyrics. Seth’s vocal flow is steady and smooth as always, that’s nothing new but his line of production boasts modernity and progression ahead of his game in Aussie hip-hop. He is the most accessible hip-hop artist in the country and has been for sometime now; well even when he first sang about cafes and waitresses he’d like to approach.

With a new breadth of music meanderings, Seth has slowly released tracks in preparation for the birth of Strange New Past. To say he has teased his faithful Australian hip-hop fans is an understatement. Although, like his slow servings of singles to the public, this makes each song worth digesting once at a time and even more enjoyable when he drops an album.

This album shows that just like all good cheese and red wine, Seth has matured with age. That’s also to say that his sound is a lot more polished and seasonally sophisticated. In sync with his package of fresh material, Seth has announced a national tour that starts the day after SNP is dropped. Seth really likes to spoil his fans, he plays Sydney’s Come Together Festival on June the 6th too.

Seth is embarking on a massive 47 date Australian tour, so be sure to get down to the shows!