Sleater-Kinney release new single, detail new album

Sleater-Kinney release new single, detail new album The Centre Won’t Hold

As promised back in January this year, Sleater-Kinney have officially announced the title of their new St. Vincent produced album, The Center Won’t Hold. The hard-rocking girl-gang have also teased a preview of their record with the release a new single The Future Is Here.

Sleater-Kinney preview their new record with the release of The Future Is Here, featuring heavy synths and gruelling effects in a blow-out gothic sound.

This new song boasts a grabbing, gothic sound that leans more towards a post-punk vibe than their previous frenetic, classic rock style. Featuring heavy synths and gruelling effects, the song expands itself into a space where the bitter lyrics are blown up on sweet melody lines, churned out by Corin on a lower register than we’re used to.

“That was our power-grab for this record,” Tucker says. “How can we become larger than we are? How can we take up more space? How can we expand ourselves and our sound?”. The influence of Annie Clark (St. Vincent) seeps through the synths and effects used on the new album, as her production forges a new direction for the American rock group.

Their driving, blow out sound is their back-lash to a world telling women to quieten down. “In terms of the culture around us, we were being told in 16 different ways to take up less space,” Tucker says. “We’d watched this older woman who was super accomplished run for President and just be ground down in the most misogynist ways possible — told that her accomplishments didn’t matter, that she wasn’t qualified enough. I’m not saying that Hillary Clinton was a flawless candidate — she was completely not. But it felt awful to watch that.

The new album is apparently full of this sort of tension between dark social commentary and pop-leaning melodies, used to carry these vicious words to the forefront of the mix and draw the listener into the dystopian destruction that runs ablaze in their writing. A howling record, their sound reaches through with major chords and expansive choruses.

The Center Won’t Hold is due out on August 16th via Mom + Pop and you can check out their tour dates via the twitter post below.

The Center Won’t Hold:
01 The Center Won’t Hold
02 Hurry on Home
03 Reach Out
04 Can I Go On
05 Restless
06 Ruins
08 Bad Dance
09 The Future Is Here
10 The Dog/The Body
11 Broken

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— Sleater-Kinney (@Sleater_Kinney) June 14, 2019