Smoother than the skin of their namesake fruit, Papaya Tree deliver on their debut tune Disorderly

If this weather is well and truly cooking you and you’re finding it hard to move from your couch, we’ve got the perfect blues and roots tunes to ride that chill wave with you.

Papaya Tree are as smooth as it gets, newfound pioneers of jazzy funk fusion with but a single delectable tune to their name. Hop on now before your friends find out.


Papaya Tree are a Sydney based 6-piece who fuse jazzy horns and reggae rhythms with psychedelic guitars to create a unique, laid back sound that has us hooked.

The boys of Papaya Tree had a smashing 2016, landing the incredible place of #15 on Triple J Unearthed with their song Disorderly.

Disorderly, though using a wide range of instrumentation, never sounds too cluttered or over worked. The Tree tastefully keep the tune minimalistic whilst also ensuring the foot-tapping goodness of a raging chorus.

The horns are popping as the slinky guitar sings it’s smooth solo with a sense of style and ease. As one listener said on their Unearthed page, “The steeze can’t be denied”.

Not only have Papaya Tree smashed out their recording and online presence, the boys have been hopping all around Sydney, bringing down the houses of popular venues like Brighton Up Bar and El Topo.

Papaya Tree will have you saying FUNK YEAH, so get around their Triple J Unearthed page to have a listen, or head on over to their Facebook page for any upcoming gigs.