We thought The Room finished when the credits ran, but James Franco is letting the story haunt us forever

James Franco has taken on the noble role of telling the origin tale of the cinematic anomaly that is The Room.



The soon to be released film The Disaster Artist is based on the legendary story of Tommy Wiseau and his creative decisions that led him to create the truly awful “black comedy” The Room.

It’s kind of like bad-film-ception. Aptly titled The Disaster Artist, Franco has teamed up comedy comrade Seth Rogen. The power duo, who brought us films like us Pineapple Express, This Is the End and The Interview, is being rekindled.

Greg Sostero, the actor who played Mark in the original movie, wrote the book The Disaster Artist, which recounts the events that lead to the creation of The Room. Three years ago, Franco bought the rights to the book.

The actor reiterates he never set out to make a movie that pokes fun at The Room.

“The book is both a great portrayal of hopefuls coming to Los Angeles to pursue their ambitions, and an even greater examination of what it means to be a creative person with a dream” Franco said.

Director and lead actor Franco has been teasing us by tweeting shots of movie stills. The wig and eye contacts really transforms the actor.

James Franco will be starring alongside his brother, Dave Franco, who will be playing the role of Mark from the original film. The cast also includes big names like Zac Efron, Bryan Cranston and Alison Brie.


Also, try to hold back your giddy squeals when we tell you Wiseau does make a cameo in the new film.

The Disaster Artist is set to premier next month at South by Southwest.