So it turns out 3 million people are still renting DVDs from Netflix?

As Netflix prepares to celebrate its 21st birthday, we have to give big props to Reed Hastings for creating and sustaining one of the most successful entertainment services in the business.

But despite having over 130 million users spread across 190 countries throughout the globe, there are still three million people ordering Netflix DVDs to their door.

Even though Netflix as we know it was considered a completely revolutionary experience, it’s important to remember how it all started; as a door to door mail-order DVD service.

Even more surprising, the streaming company is pulling a pretty huge profit from the mail-order subscribers. Apparently within the last three months alone, Netflix made a profit of just over $53 million from DVDs.

Connecting DVDs to the modern age, Netflix created a new mobile app last year called that is directly connected to the mail service. All of our early 2000s fantasies are finally coming true.

Unfortunately, the once very exciting notion of a DVD filled world is slowly but surely dying. Reports say that is losing roughly 190,000 subscribers every quarter, this means that by as soon as 2022, there will be no more red envelopes in anyone’s letterboxes.

Via Consequence of Sound.