Some legend has made a series of Spotify playlists with all your favourite Guitar Hero hits

Attention teens of the noughties: some bonafide legend has just compiled every Guitar Hero game tracklist into individual Spotify playlists. Somebody give this man the Order of Australia!

One Reddit user has painstakingly compiled twelve Guitar Hero tracklistings into individual Spotify playlists because, thankfully, there’s still good in the world.

Reddit has no shortage of music forums, but one Reddit user has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Rundevilrun007 has done the world a favour, taking your favourite PlayStation 2 past-time and pumping the nostalgia directly into your earholes. From the original Guitar Hero in 2005 to 2009’s Band Hero, almost every song from the console classics has been lovingly uploaded and neatly organised into a Spotify playlist for each game.

If you can’t decide between which memory you need reminiscing on, there’s also a 652-song megamix that has every Guitar Hero track Spotify has to offer. So throw the buds in and you can wistfully be reminded of a pre-Trump, post-Tamagotchi time when everyone was quoting Borat, Australia had a good soccer team, and Kevin Rudd was top dog. Thank you rundevilrun007, you’ve done a wonderful service for your fellow man.

Covering all your living room rockstar favs, you can check out all the Spotify playlists below.

Guitar Hero – 41 songs, 2 hrs 38 mins
Guitar Hero II – 62 songs, 4 hrs 37 mins
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – 62 songs, 4 hrs 11 mins
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith – 40 songs, 2 hrs 46 mins
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s – 30 songs, 1 hr 57 mins. The shortest GH playlist.
Guitar Hero: World Tour – 84 songs, 6 hrs 6 mins
Guitar Hero: Metallica – 50 songs, 4 hrs 42 mins
Guitar Hero 5 – 84 songs, 5 hr 52 mins
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits – 48 songs, 3 hrs 17 mins
Guitar Hero: Van Halen – 48 songs, 2 hrs 49 mins
Band Hero – 65 songs, 4 hrs 13 mins
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock – 85 songs, 6 hrs 14 mins. The longest GH Playlist.
Guitar Hero: The Megamix – 652 songs, 45 hrs 45 mins. Good luck listening to this back to front.

This article would be longer, but I’ve now got to go re-live my Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock days.