Sony is looking to acquire Elden Ring studio, FromSoftware

Elden Ring developer, FromSoftware, is the next target of Sony’s acquisition spree as it continues to compete against Xbox.

Microsoft and Sony have competed with one another since the beginning of time! Okay, maybe not that long, but it’s a long term rivalry that is always a part of internet debate.

PlayStation is known for its impressive library of exclusive titles, while Xbox has created a great ecosystem with its Game Pass subscription service. Xbox, in part, has been able to do this through its mass studio acquisition over the last couple of years.

PlayStation is already working to better itself in the console wars with a new subscription service, but there are rumours that they’re looking at studio acquisitions.

death rite bird elden ring
Image: Death Rite Bird / Elden Ring

CEO of Kantan Games, a Tokyo-based game industry consultancy, Dr Serkan Toto, took to Twitter to comment on the rumour.

Toto said: “One of my favorite studios, Tokyo-based FromSoftware, is currently rumored to be an M&A candidate for Sony.

M&A stands for “merger and acquisition” within the gaming industry space. The tweet continues with the tumultuous history of FromSoftware dating back to 1986, so if you’re interested, check it out.

This is not the first instance of a business insider discussing rumours of this nature. Rumours of FromSoftwares imminent acquisition have been circulating since the beginning of the month.

Regardless of the acquisition, Soulsbourne titles from FromSoftware are not for casual gamers looking to relax. They’re notoriously tricky and, if players persist, can turn most into a pro player by the end.

Though brutal, Elden Ring has been set at a more inclusive level for those less hardcore fans of the franchise, which has seen it harbour some incredible success since its release.

We’ve written a bunch of guides for those who might be having a bit of difficulty in the game so make sure you check them out!