Entire town of South Park turns up to watch Denver football game

Yesterday, the entire cast of beloved TV show South Park sat down to watch a Denver Broncos footy game – cardboard cutout style.

2020. The President of the USA paying fuck all tax. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion releasing WAP. Now, add the entire town of South Park attending a football game.

I mean, South Park has always been a show which pushed the boundaries. However, during its mammoth 23 seasons, even with humour and controversy at every corner, they’ve never abandoned the living room TV screen for a football game. Nevertheless, we’re fucking here for it.

South Park
Photo: South Park via Twitter

Yesterday, the entire population of the southern town lined the seats of a Denver Broncos vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game. That’s around 5,000 cardboard cutouts, each manually positioned into the rows of the Sports Authority Field Stadium in Denver.

Not only that, but all the townfolk were dutifully wearing masks, which is a commendable example to be setting for the remaining Karens of America. The social distancing from the South Park gang probably could have been better, but we’ll let it slide this time.

Despite their unprecedented appearance and unparalleled support for the Broncos, the footy team still got their ass handed to them, 28-10 (Buccaneers’ way). This whole affair was basically the definition of chaotic good, and the Broncos were overjoyed to be a part of it along with the South Park mob. Check out their cheeky little TikTok coverage below. They even brought Adele into it.