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Engineering the Sound: Spaced Out, the intuitive new wet FX plugin from Baby Audio

Spaced Out from plugin connoisseurs Baby Audio combines reverb, delay, and modulation. We couldn’t wait to get it into the Engineering the Sound studio.

We’ve been fans of Baby Audio for a long time. In a saturated plugin market they stand out for the intuitive approach – their software is never cookie-cutter, always boldly choosing a unique direction and taking it by the horns. Their newest tool, Spaced Out, is no different.

A wet-FX generator, Spaced Out combines delay, reverb, and several modulation effects into an all-round wonderful sounding device. Here at Engineering the Sound, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy ahead of its release – here’s what we found out when we went hands-on.

On its first reveal, Spaced Out may seem a little obscure – what Stardust or Dimension do would be anyone’s guess. However, thanks to intuitive controls across the three main interfaces – one for delay called Echoes, one for reverb and modulation called Spaced, and a final Wet/Dry filter to control the lot – picking up how Spaced Out operates comes easily.

The 16-step sequencer is a fantastic way of visualising delay, with four Modes (straight, 2x, dotted, triplets) on offer, and automatic BPM syncing with your DAW. Texture options allow you to choose a clean or lo-fi feel, Intensity is a handy two-dimension tool for controlling feedback and sustain, and Filter is a hi/low pass rolled into one.

Easy access buttons for randomising or clearing your Echo sequence are available to the left of the step sequencer – you’ll be finding wild sounds in no time.

GIF: Baby Audio

The Space interface is equally easy to use; it’s an X/Y radar control which switches up your modulation and reverb length. The range of parameters on offer is exceptional – Stardust adding a “sustained, angelic shimmer to your reverb tail”, while Mellow dampens your high or low end at your leisure.

In the centre is your mixer, allowing you to find that perfect blend of Echo and Space, plus adding in a few useful creative tools. The Generate dice randomises parameters across the board, allowing one-click access to some strange, strange sonic combinations.

The Ducker/Sync button is an awesome addition – hitting it automatically syncs the ducker to your DAW’s BPM for a “pumping four-to-the-floor” effect. Check out how it sounds at the tail-end of our demo above.

For a combined reverb/delay plugin with plenty of creative avenues to take and almost infinite possibilities, Spaced Out definitely ticks the box. It’s a hard thing indeed to create a plugin of this ilk that stands out from the crowd, but Baby Audio have done so with bravado.

Find out more about Spaced Out from Baby Audio here.