Spotify have changed the game with their new ‘Playlist In A Bottle’ feature

Spotify has continued its tradition of adding unique user experiences with its new Playlist In A Bottle feature.

Spotify famously have us on our knees every year when it comes to their renowned Spotify Wrapped, which many have compared to being their annual psych analysis. Now, in their continued effort to prove that they are still one of the top-tier streaming services when it comes to keeping their users entertained, the platform has announced a new feature that lets users give themselves a musical surprise by gifting their 2024 selves with Playlist In A Bottle!

Credit: Spotify

The idea itself is pretty genius if you ask me, I mean, who wouldn’t want a little surprise mixtape from your 2023 self? With the playlist capsule to be released in January 2024, you can reflect on who you were at the start of 2023 and if your music choice has evolved, stayed the same, or if you would choose the same songs in 2024.

The layout is pretty simple and can be done with a few clicks of a button on your mobile app. Step one is to make sure that your mobile app is up-to-date, and then you click the Playlist In A Bottle on the app, which will open you up to a page where you can choose your time capsule of choice! Users can pick from a classic glass bottle, or something a bit more creative such as a jean pocket, gum ball machine, lunch box, or a teddy bear. 

Playlist In A Bottle
Credit: Spotify

The next step is to pick a song to match a series of questions that are all song inspired, and once you have picked them out, you digitally seal the playlist and send it off into the ether of the internet. You can share a personalised card of your Playlist In A Bottle to your socials, which contains little hints of what artists you have placed in there. 

Make sure to jump on this experience quick, because the Playlist In A Bottle will be corked on 31st January.