Stephen King and Amanda Gorman react to Texas school shooting

Stephen King and Amanda Gorman react to Texas school shooting

The world is shocked by yet another mass shooting in America involving school students. Author Stephen King and poet Amanda Gorman have led the calls for change.

A horrifying school shooting has yet again taken place in the United States — this time in Uvalde, Texas. At the time of writing, 19 children and two teachers have lost their lives.

Understandably, the shooting has drawn condemnation from far and wide, notably from the author, Stephen King, and National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman.

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Stephen King has a history of penning reactions in the wake of such tragedies. After 26 died in the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, King published an essay, simply called Guns, calling for urgent action on restricting such lethal firearms.

After the Texas school shooting, there was no mincing of words:

Amanda Gorman is the poet who rose to prominence after reciting her poem, The Hill We Climb, at the inauguration of Joe Biden. The tweet below sums up the rage and despondency that many feel in the face of continued inaction on gun control:

As for the president himself, the exasperation was clear, signing off his tweet with a simple plea: “I’m sick and tired of it. We have to act.”